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Convenient collection & delivery service for your garments, household items and shoes

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Queen Street Laundry - Wash, Dry & Fold

We will collect, wash, dry and fold your items so all you have to do is put them away! You can also upgrade to our Premium service which includes, hand folding and your items being wrapped and separated ready for you to put away.Please note minimum order amount is £15.00**Please be aware towels, bedding and dry cleaning items will need a separate order as they cannot be included in a regular laundry load.**

Queen Street Dry Cleaning

We collect and clean your garments to the garment care labels. Delivered back on hangers ready to wear or put away. We typically deliver back within 48 hours (excluding Sunday and Bank holidays).Please note: Minimum order amount is £10.00

Queen Street Bedding and Home

Bedding, Curtains and other household items need regular cleaning to keep them looking as good as new.We’ll inspect your fabrics, remove any nasty stains by hand, then give them a clean so professional you’ll think they’re brand new. Taking pride in our work is something that sets us apart and luckily for our clients, they’re the ones that benefit. Not only do we have expert knowledge but we have products on offer that are used by professionals.Please note: Minimum order amount is £10.00

Queen Street Ironing

We collect and iron your garment. Delivered back pressed and ready to wear, so you are always looking your best.Please note: Minimum order amount is £15.00

Queen Street Alterations & Repairs

We carry out a very wide range of clothing repairs and alterations at competitive prices.  Whether you want to shorten/lengthen trousers or re-sew and repair items simply drop off your clothes into a free laundry locker and place your order.What We Can DoWe will provide a quick turn-around time for most items although more complex jobs may take longer.  Our teams will be able to advise you when we have collected your items.Trousers - shorten/lenghten, half pocket, full pocket, taper legs and take in/take outSkirts - shorten/lenghten and take in/take outDresses - shorten/lenghten and shorten from waistJackets - shorten sleevesCoats - shorten lengthZipsReplace buttonsRe-sew button holesReplace hook and barRe-sew toe

Queen Street Shoe Repairs & Shine

We specialise in all types of shoe and boot repairs - both mens and ladies.  We can carry out almost any job you can think of from the smallest piece of stitching right up to a full long sole and re-welt.  Any job - any time!What We Can DoHeels Refitted or newZip replacement or repairRe-welting of good year welted shoesReplacement shanksInner socksLeather upper repairsBag repairsDr Martens, Commando and Golfer UnitsBoot alterationsPlease note this service can take 3-5 days. If this is your first order use any bag, and please write your name and contact details inside the bag. We will return your shoes in your own VIP bag which you can then use for future orders.

A remote control for your laundry basket

Our Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Alterations service offers a super convenient freeing up your time to do more important (and fun!) things. Order online, we collect, clean and deliver your laundry, all you have to do is put it away!


1st Time Customer?


No problem place your dirty laundry in any bag, ensuring you place inside your bag your name, number and email. We will confirm when we have collected your order and redeliver your freshly cleaned items in your own personal VIP garment bag which can be used for future orders!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the size of your laundry bags?
    • Our laundry service prices are based on a standard washing machine load which is up to 8kg. This is typically a pillow case full of clothes. If your order is large than this, then this would be charged as a 2nd bag of laundry.
  • Whats is the Standard Laundry and Premium Laundry service?
    • Our standard laundry service involves us washing and drying your laundry then folding it and returning it in your VIP PingLocker laundry bag. We do not pair socks, or separate items when packing your clothes. Our Premium laundry service involves us hand packing and separating items, e.g. t-shirts together, underwear in a separate bag before packing it into your VIP PingLocker laundry bag.
  • Will you separate my lights & dark colours?
    • Yes we can separate your lights and darks if you choose this option. 
  • Will you combine my clothes with other people’s clothes when washing them?
    • Absolutely not.
  • When will my wash and fold clothes be returned?
    • Your clean clothes are usually delivered within 24/48 hours. Delivery may vary slightly depending on your location. You will be notified as soon as your order has been delivered and is ready for you to collect.
  • What clothes are not suitable for wash & fold?
    • Clothes made from silk, leather, fur and wool generally are not suitable for machine wash and dry and therefore please send these for Dry Cleaning. Duvets, towels, and bedding must also be serviced in a separate wash. 
  • Is there a minimum order charge per order?
    • Yes, there is a minimum order for a collection of each order of £15.00. If your items are less than this you will be charged a total of £15.00.