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Raise Awareness & Money for Cancer Charities

Living an active Lifestyle can be one of the best preventions of Cancer

It's proven that keeping active and leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the best Cancer preventions known to man.  Be it a short walk/run each day, or taking the stairs instead of the lift each morning, these little tricks can really help in the long run.

Get involved by taking a short walk, and show us your journey or what you have seen on the way.  Support the cause even further by making a donation of your choice to one of a number of Cancer charities doing their part.

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Living an active lifestyle is a great way to help prevent Cancer. Here we are giving residents the opportunity to take part by getting out and about, and uploading a picture you have captured on your journey, or the route you have taken.All Uploads can be added to the Gallery with the caption you requested.

Making Donations

Making Donations

There are hundred of amazing Charities out there supporting Cancer patients and research.  In making any donation, you could be providing physical, financial and emotional support to people living with Cancer, and we couldn't do it without you. Every donation counts, whether it's a personal donation, or money from a fundraising event. Whatever way you choose to donate, your contribution will go a long way, and it is hugely appreciated.