Meet the Love Coach

Sunday 14th February @ 12:00

About this Event

Feeling frustrated, tired, & ready to give up? Give it one last chance. Bring your relationship back from the brink of separation and find your love again. 

Over the last 7 years, Rob had the privilege of helping men & women to cultivate loving and fulfilling relationships. 

What Rob has found is that there’s often a disconnect with what we consciously say they want and the unconscious beliefs and narratives that could be running in the background. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a pattern of dating unavailable people, even though what you want is a committed relationship, then I’m sure you can relate.

The way we date, love and relate to others is largely determined by our style of attachment and our early influences - from the relationships we experienced and witnessed growing up, to the messages we unconsciously absorbed. 

Together these form our relationship blueprint and it is this blueprint that’s in the driving seat of your love life, guiding the choices that you make and the actions that you take (and don’t take!)

If you are feeling insecure and anxious in love and stuck in an unfulfilling pattern then it’s not because you are unworthy of a loving relationship. But it could be time to update your relationship blueprint. 

Rob will be providing an insight and tips to steps in finding your perfect match in the world of online dating.

This event will take place via Zoom.  Zoom can be downloaded via phone or tablet, or easily accessed via URL on your desktop.

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Love Coaching

Now more than ever it is difficult to get out there and meet people, so finding a partner has very much turned online. Find out the tricks and receive advice on the steps to finding that special someone.